Kilit gövdesini (A) You will install the steel rope piece on the wing side of the Door and Window (B) on the side of the case with screws and screwdriver screws (C) using screws. (Figure 1-2-3) plastic covers (D) Your jewelry. The installation process is complete. Steel rope piece (B) in the lock body (A) to the wall. switches (E)You can lock and unlock by turning 180 degrees. (Şekil 4-5)

Winlock Child Safety Lock / Ruler
All kinds of pvc, wood, steel or aluminum doors and windows are also suitable for applications. The thief is used as safety and child lock. You can ventilate the environment that you are particularly comfortable with the comfort of your door or window.It has extra strength and durability due to its steel rope and cast body.With just 4 screws, everyone can easily mount. Color options are available and all door and window colors match.


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Kocasinan / KAYSERİ
+90 352 320 10 03

- Apply to all Door and Window Models.
- Easy to install.
- Bend and Outwardly Open Window.
- 5 Years Guaranteed.
- 450 KG Unbreakable Up To The Top.